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Other Photos

Other things I've made that just didn't get entered, and therefore, don't have a paper. (Or they were entered but I no longer have the paper, or I don't like the paper, or... you get the idea):

A baronial coronet for a very dear friend of mine (I call her mom). The silverwork was done by Lance and TJ, the floral wreath was my part. My own design in "Mom's" colors with lots of amthyst.

Beaded bottles. It was a fad with me for a short time but the evidence of it being historically correct was a bit scant so I moved on to other things.


Klosterarbeiten. This would be correct and a near duplicate of a flower from 1510. There will be a paper on this sometime in the not-so-distant future. Right now there's just a seperate website!

The fourth headdress I made, it was also the second one entered in A&S. It looks very much like the picture I based it on.

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