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Medieval Silke Flowers

This is the start of the flower reproduction project.

More photos of this shrine

Below is a detail of the first flower from the Shrine I chose to replicate, and my finished flower. I think I even got the size correct.

Original flower from the shrine
Detail of original flower from the shrine.
The flower I created
The first reproduced flower from the shrine.
The second flower I reproduced from the shrine.
The third flower I reproduced from the shrine.
A flower in the Ganutel style
This is the style of flower said to native to Malta and Italy. I have found no examples of this type on the German reliquary shrines.
Original Shrine - Click on picture for a larger view

This is a detail of one of the Beligum photos to get a better idea of what the flowers look like up close. Mine are probably about the same size as the original flowers. I was told they average 2 to 3 centimeters but I think they meant petal and not the whole flowers. My flowers measure about 5 centimeters across.

I just finished replicating the red flowers in the upper left corner except I used mauve instead of red. The red looked too harsh next to the other flowers so I used a softer color. This one took a whole lot longer to figure out and even longer to make - each spiral took 45 minutes and there are 21 of them.

Whichever flower I pick next is going to be tough - I think I've done all the easy-to-figure-out ones. It is probably going to be awhile until the next one is completed.

Now I'm just trying to make the flowers smaller. And I'm having some luck with it too! I just completed a duplicate of the first flower I made that is less than half the size of the first one. The new one isn't much bigger than a quarter!


The first three completed flowers all together.

These would be the current flowers under construction