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Medieval Silke Flowers
Contact Me

I love to get mail!

If you know anything about these flowers I'd love to hear from you. Especially if you know anything about the flowers created in Austria, Italy, or Malta during the same time period (around 1500). I'm having a devil of a time trying to locate pictures of them. I'd also like to hear your opinions of my work and if you have any suggestions for what else I should be doing or places to look for more information.

Just click this address to send me mail:


Branch I finished - wait - I'm going to do the whole bush!

SCA Credentials:
AOA (11-9-96)
Purple Fret (12-9-00) Midrealm service award
Willow (1-27-01) Midrealm arts award
Silver Snowdrift (1-27-01) B Nordskogen service
Purple Fret (1-12-02) Midrealm service award
Evergreen (5-04-02) Midrealm grant for art/teaching
Princess' Cypher (10-05-02) Elashava - Northshield
Muses' Blessing (11-02-02) B Windhaven arts
Purple Fret (12-07-02) Midrealm service award
Purple Fret (2-08-03) Midrealm service award
Aegis (7-12-03) Principality arts order
Saltire (10-04-03) Pincipality teaching order
Northern Cross (5-08-04) Principality service order
Bridget's Flame (1-29-05) Northshield grant for art
Midrealm A&S Champion (5-02 thru 5-03)

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