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Medieval Silke Flowers
Shrine List
Chart of all the pre-1600 shrines for which I have pictures 

I believe I have pictures of all the shrines still in existence - I at least have pictures of all the shrines I know about. I had put them in chronological order to the best of my ability but then added some new ones. Melsbroek is after 1600 but all the rest are most certainly pre-1600.


Paradise Gardens, Ebstorf = 1480

Originally there were 23 of these cushions and they formed a wall in the chapel, separating it from the choir. The flowers were created in Melchen and the cushions were assembled in Ebstorf where they were made to look like a garden wall with a lattice work above the cushions. They were "walled in" during the Protestant Reformation, where they remained hidden until the early 19th century.

More information on the cushions

BALaT number 12830
This one dates to after 1600 however it makes a good contrast to the rest of the shrines because this one has lots of skulls and is surrounded in metals rather than silk for the flowers.  


Walsrode - 1490 picture from Bildex
Originally I thought there were two different shrines at Walsrode but it turns out that there is just one and the pictures I have are from both before and after the renovation


Mecheln 1491-1510

B194258  Located in Balen, by appointment only. This is a very small shrine which I personally got to hold and pet and photograph.


Bentlage/Rheine 1499

Not pictured in the guides.

It appears that this display takes up an entire wall at the convent in Bentlage. It doesn't and this picture was taken before the restoration. There are two quite large reliquaries at the convent. I very much enjoyed my visit here.

More information on Bentlage


Brabant 1500

 B183975  Located in Antwerp

Saw this one in person on 31-8-10 at the Antwerp Museum.


Kalkar 1500

Not pictured in the guides

Found it on Bildindex as it is one of six in the Predella. (RBA 609153,4,5,7,8,and9) Johannesaltar. Each little scene is 33x36cm that's 13x14 inches. One of them was out for cleaning the first time I was there but I have pictures of all of them now.

Additional pictures of Kalkar can be found here.


Mecheln 1501-1510

KN8406  Located in Mecheln

This is the one for which I had the most information and the best pictures before the trip. Additional photos of this shrine can be found at: http://roxelana.com/silke/mechelen.html


Brabant 1510

KN8407  Located in Mecheln


Mecheln 1510

KN8410  Located in Mecheln


Mecheln 1501-1525

KN8404  Located in Mecheln

We now call this one the shrine of the dead dog because the little dog in front was tipped over the day I was taking pictures. Also the light in the case was burned out so I photographed with my book light. I got some great pictures too.


Mecheln 1501-1525

KN8411  Located in Mecheln


Mecheln 1501-1525

B32398  Located in Gheel

Huge - saw this one in person 29-8-10 and it is lovely - lots of beads everywhere on this one.

Lots of additional pictures from my adventures in Gheel.


Mecheln 1501-1525

B155312  Located in Herentals

saw this one in person 29-8-10 The next day the site was closed for a three year renovation.

My day in Herentals can be found here.


(unknown) Mecheln 1501-1533

KN8402  Located in Mecheln


(unknown) 1501-1550

A16797  Located in Saint Lenaard’s and I saw it in person on 30-11-14. We waited for the church to open for services, went in and took the pictures and then headed homewards. It was the last shrine on my list to see.


Mecheln 1501-1600

KN8412  Located in Mecheln

This one is just post period and does not contain silk flowers ´the flowers in this one appear to be cut paper.


There are two separate shrines in Xanten and this is the smaller of the two. 



The larger of the two shrines, I recently discovered this one as the church was being renovated the first time I was there and it wasn't on display. It is very symmetrical in it's appearance and contains some really stunning peacocks. I have no additional information on it at this time. 



This one is located at the museum in Arras, France and is of medium size. I have no additional information on this one at this time. 

I believe I now have pictures of all the shrines.

The shrine in Xanten is pictured here.

Most of the above pictures come from the BALaT or Bildindex websites. The few that were not located on those sites are pictures I took myself.

Most of these items have additional photos located at http://www.kikirpa.be/www2/wwwopac/en/object.html 
Just enter the Clichénumber for the description page.