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Medieval Silke Flowers

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Roxelana here, or Jonalee if you prefer. Just wanted to find a place to put all of the non-beaded flower research that I've been upto. So here it is.
This all came about when I decided that the reliquary flowers made of silk thread and wire just needed to be duplicated. But of course there are no modern instructional books for this type of flower. Granted, there are simular flowers out there today - but nothing as wonderful as the Northern European reliquary flowers created in convents from about 1480 to 1520.

I'm very greatful to Stedelijke Musea Mechelen, Belgium, Museum Schepenhuis for sending me awesome photos of some of the flowers in their collection. In addition I have museum pictures of some flowers from most of the other places linked to this site. I have now seen all of the shrines in person, with the exception of Ebstorf. If you would like more details or have specific questions about any of the shrines please contact me.

Cranach Gown

Me - in a little something I whipped up - German, 1530

Details of first European trip here.

All the research papers can be found here

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site, comments can be left on the contact page or I can be reached at roxelana@roxelana.com